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How Do I Unlock My TransUnion Credit Report?

Getting your credit report locked on the TransUnion report is a proactive and deliberate measure for protecting your personal information. Building healthy credit and its maintenance is to take active participation in the management and protect your data identity. 

It gives you more control in managing your finances, but at some time, you also need to apply for a new opportunity that credit can bring. It is not easy to get your credit report unlocked as it sounds, whether you are on a new house hunt, a new credit card, or auto shopping.

There are two ways that you can use to lift the free from your credit report;

  1. Removing the lock from your credit report,
  2. Temporarily lifting the lock.

Protecting your personal financial information is considered a good practice habit. Like using a credit report lock, it gives you firm control over your data identity and your credit health. It’s a great way to safeguard your financial identity when you are not interested or actively participating in shopping for a car or a house or looking for new credit opportunities. 

But before that, you first need to find out which credit report bureau’s out of the three your creditor pulls your credit report from. These credit reporting bureaus are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. 

Some creditors pull only from one, and others pull your credit report from all three. It also depends on what type of financial product you want and the types of the creditor you are trying to work with. 

It will save you a lot of time if you have to unlock it individually. But if you have already done your homework beforehand, you can directly ask the respective credit reporting bureau or bureaus to get your report unlocked. 

For example, suppose you want to unlock your TransUnion credit report. You will contact TransUnion and follow the procedure as per their guidance to either unlock your report or temporarily unlock it. 

Let’s begin with the basics here, 

Basics Of A Credit Report?

A consumer credit report is a detailed breakdown of a consumer’s credit history that is created by an officially assigned credit bureau or credit agency. These credit bureaus or agencies compile these reports based on the financial information collected from their creditors, data furnishers, and card issuers. The creditors and other necessary information use the reports to determine an applicant’s creditworthiness. 

The US’s three main credit reporting bureaus or agencies are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. All three credit reporting agencies gather data on consumers’ financial details and their bill-paying habits to create a unique credit report. 

Even though most of the information collected is similar, differences in the credit score may occur due to the use of different scoring methods. 

Specifically, you get two options if you want to unlock your TransUnion credit report. You can remove the lock from your entire credit report or temporarily lift the lock for a certain period.

How To Unlock Your TransUnion Credit Report

If you are unsure whether your account is locked, check it online. The simplest way to confirm it is by logging in to your account. You can go to TransUnion’s dedicated Credit Lock page to access your account, including other necessary information you would like. 

People who don’t have an online account need to create one to access the relevant information on their credit reports. 

1. Unlocking TransUnion Credit Report

Follow the simple steps you unlock your TransUnion credit report,

  1. Log in to your online TransUnion account. 
  1. After logging in, you will see a ‘Frozen’ status on your screen 
  1. Click on the button ‘Remove lock’ on your screen to get your report to unlock

2. Temporarily Lift TransUnion Credit Lock

Unlocking your TransUnion credit report temporarily comes in handy when you know your creditor will pull a report in a certain period. It will let your creditor access your credit report, and you maintain the privacy of your credit report once they have pulled it. 

The best part about the temporary lifting is that you don’t have to relock it again manually. 

It is how you temporarily lift a lock from your credit report, 

  1. Log in to your online account to lift the lock temporarily for a specific time window; click on the button that says “Temporarily Lift Lock.”
  1. Enter the dates from when to when you want your account to remain unlocked.
  1. TransUnion on the due date automatically puts a lock back on your credit report.

To make this easier, add a 15-day in advance lock removal if you plan to have your creditor pull out your credit report. 


Since you know what is best for the protection of your financial identity, you should also consider building on this good credit habit by monitoring your credit reports on a regular basis and keeping track of them. You can get a subscription to TransUnion Credit Monitoring so you can have confidence in managing your personal financial information. 

TransUnion Credit Monitoring offers daily changes in the credit reports with alerts of all three bureaus’ credit reports on critical account changes. Consistency in the practices of good credit habits helps you build a healthy credit profile. It will also offer great capitalization on new credit opportunities.

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