What You Need to Know About West Central Texas Collection Bureau on Your Credit Report

Established in 2009, West Central Texas Collection Bureau (WCTCB) is a third-party debt Collection Company headquartered in Abilene, TX.

To recover the debt, the collection agency deals with delinquent or unpaid debts via mail, email, or phone calls. They additionally have a special division dedicated to collecting delinquent commercial debts – the Premium Recovery.

Their contact details are as follow:


1133 N 2nd St, Abilene, TX 79601

Contact Number 

(325) 673-7831

What Does West Central Texas Collection Bureau (WCTCB) Work Towards?

The debt collection agency, WCTCB, will appear on your credit report listed as a collection account. WCTCB may be recorded on your report as a collections account if the original creditor has hired a third-party debt collector to collect the money you owe. The company buys delinquent debt and has operations throughout the United States. They may even purchase the debt from the original credit card lender or a loan company at only 1/10th of the actual debt amount. 

The appearance of a collection account on your credit report harms your overall credit score and may even lower your chances for approval of a loan in the future as it brings down an individual’s creditworthiness. It may be possible to remove this collection account by contacting West Central Texas Collection Bureau at (844) 718-2382.

Will West Central Texas Collection Bureau Affect My Credit Score?

A negative entry in your credit report listed under the statute of limitations will have a negative impact on your score. A collections account is treated no differently than this, as it similarly impacts your credit score.

How can West Central Texas Collection Bureau be removed from my credit report?

West Central Texas Collection Bureau can be removed from your credit record if the details listed are incorrect, fraudulent, or faulty.

A study done by the U.S. PIRGs found that about 79% of credit reports contained serious errors and mistakes. 

Do I avail of the Pay-for-delete services with West Central Texas Collection Bureau?

In an ideal situation, you can persuade WCTCB to remove the derogatory mark in the trade of paying the debt. These negotiations can be done by sending a pay-for-delete letter to them.

An issue that arises from opting for this service is that your credit report status changes from ‘unpaid’ to ‘paid.’ As a result of this, the collection account will remain on your record for about seven years and affect your credit score. However, for complete removal of the collection account and further queries, you can contact WCTCB.

Can a settlement be negotiated with WCTCB?

Negotiate and reach an agreement with West Central Texas Collection Bureau.

Getting rid of WCTCB on your credit report will be strenuous if the debt is valid and has existed for less than seven years. At this point, it is best to pay off your debt as it will increase your credit score even if you are unable to dispute the negative item listed.

Could West Central Texas Collection Bureau be a scam?

West Central Texas Collection Bureau is a legitimate company established in 2009; therefore, it is not fake or a scam. The appearance of this account on your credit report is a result of them trying to collect a delinquent debt from you. 

To combat this, you can dispute erroneous entries and get invalid debts removed from your record by contacting them directly.

Why do I receive frequent calls from West Central Texas Collection Bureau?

Their customer support team will continuously call you to collect the debt. In this case, the best possible thing to do is to avoid their attempts to reach you and hire a professional credit repair agency to help you get the account removed from your credit report.

Can WCTCB sue me or garnish my wage?

Wage garnishment is authorized in some parts of the country, while it is not in others. In a couple of states where it is not allowed, it is against the law for a debt collector to intimidate you into garnishing your wage; therefore, it is highly unlikely that West Central Texas Collection Bureau will decide to do so.

Similarly, it is against the law if any claims, such as threatening to sue you or foreclosing a property, are made by WCTCB if they cannot follow through.

Will WCTCB accept my Goodwill Letter?

Goodwill letters address creditors and explain why timely payments could not be made. Your lender may be able to resolve a late payment issue and remove a negative item or collection account before or after it is recorded in your credit report.

Bear in mind that West Central Texas Collection Bureau does not entertain goodwill letters as most collection agencies do not work that way.

Consumer Rights When Dealing West Central Texas Collection Bureau

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), consumers have financial support rights. Law firms and debt collection agencies West Central Texas Collection Bureau know these consumer rights.

Continuous phone calls daily are common tactics collection agencies use, but consumers do not have to bear with these calls. Your consumer rights are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and debt collectors cannot lawfully harass or threaten you with repetitive phone calls.

A cease & desist letter can be sent by a consumer to the agency in case of persistent harassing calls, asking them to make all communications in writing via mail or email. Do not make any payment or go forward with any accommodation until written proof is provided by WCTCB that covers the terms of the agreement reached.


You can reach out to Credit Glory at (844) 718-2382 if your debt listed is inaccurate, as paying off the amount can potentially harm your score.

Consider logging in to the WCTCB portal if you do not want to hire a credit repair agency to dispute the error.

Takeaway: Remove WCTCB from your report now!

Hiring a trusted and professional credit restoration agency to review and rectify your report is less stressful and hassle-free as compared to disputing WCTCB entries from your credit report yourself.

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