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What Credit Score is Required For a Discover Card?

If you’re searching for a new Discover card in the market, your credit score is a crucial factor in determining which one you may qualify for. However, the well-established company issues a card for every credit score.

Selecting the best credit card from a pool comes down to selecting an issuer who provides unmatched customer service and useful features that make applying for a credit card an enjoyable one.

The Discover it® line of credit cards is an obvious choice when it comes to choosing a great credit card with benefits for just about anybody. Their cards feature numerous non-taxable rewards and a tracking option for your FICO credit score.

Credit Score and Other Requirements Needed

Your credit score is an integral part of when you apply for new lines of credit; with advancements in technology, the process of collecting data and credit report analysis impacts how companies decide whether an individual is a good or bad credit risk. Your overall credit profile is equally important as your 3-digit credit score is.

Registering for a Discover Credit Card

Your credit score requirement varies with the Discover credit card you apply for. Using Discover’s pre-approval tool, you can find and apply for a card that works with your credit score. With the help of this tool, many applicants reach a decision quickly, and their application process takes only a couple of minutes.

A Minimum 648 FICO Score is Suggested

The majority of the credit card companies do not have a minimum credit score requirement for approval; however, a FICO score ranging between 680 and 720 qualifies you to receive a good offer.

Discover’s credit score requirements may be more flexible as a user reported getting approved with a 648 FICO score.

Those who have less-than-stellar credit can apply for the Secured Credit Card offered by Discover it ®, which is specially designed for those looking to build their credit. A security deposit is required in order to be approved for this card.

Good Overall Credit Record

Your overall credit history, profile, and score are assessed when determining whether you qualify for a Discover it ® credit card. Your request may be turned down if you have a negative credit history which includes missed or delayed payments or a lot of balance on your existing cards.

Good History with Discover it ® 

Your application may be approved or rejected based on the relationship you have with Discover it® if you are already a user and are looking to apply for additional Discover it® cards.

Compare the Different Discover it® Cards. 

All Discover it® credit cards offer great features such as FICO credit score tracking for free, but selecting the right card will depend on an individual’s requirements.

1. Discover it® Cash Back

Users receive amazing cashback rewards on specific merchant categories such as gas stations, grocery and departmental stores, eateries,, and several others.

  • INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Unlimited Cashback Match 

With no minimum spending required or maximum rewards, the issuer will match all the cash back earned as rewards at the end of the first year. Your $150 could be turned into $300 via cashback.

  • Earn up to 5% cashback quarterly on daily purchases at various places like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and
  • Automatically earn unlimited 1% cashback on all other purchases.
  • Any amount of cashback can be redeemed as the rewards earned don’t expire.
  • Your rewards can be availed at checkout.
  • Zero annual fees.

2. Discover it® Miles for Travel Rewards

Earning traveler miles can make your travel less expensive. With the Discover it® Miles card, rewards are offered for each dollar spent and can be availed in unlimited time.

  • LIMITLESS BONUSES: Discover provides an unlimited miles-for-miles match of the flyer miles earned at the end of the first year. For example, if you earn 35,000 miles, you will get 70,000 miles.  
  • Receive unlimited 1.5x miles on every dollar of each purchase – with no yearly fee charged.
  • Avail miles to pay a monthly bill
  • Convert the Miles into cash at any time. The miles can also be redeemed as a statement credit for travel expenses such as air tickets, hotels, restaurants, refueling stations, and much more with no expiry date. 
  • No Expiry Date
  • The Discover card is accepted across the nation by about 99% of the institutions that accept credit card payments.

3. Discover it® for Balance Transfers

Carrying a balance is not recommended; however, it may be unavoidable sometimes. An introductory APR is offered by Discover it® for balance transfer till a specific promotional period with a fee charged.

  • Limitless Cashback Match. Receive up to $300 cashback for $150.
  • Get 5% cashback on daily purchases every quarter like supermarkets, Amazon, eateries, gas pumps, and automatic unlimited 1% cashback on all other items purchased.
  • As rewards do not expire, you can redeem any amount of cashback at any time. 
  • With your FICO® Credit Score, you can acquire your free Credit Scorecard and some recent inquiries.
  • No yearly fee.
  • The Discover card is accepted across the nation by about 99% of the institutions that accept credit card payments.

Ensure that your balances are paid before the end of your offer period, not to pay interest.

4. Discover it® Chrome for Everyday Use

The Discover it® Chrome card is the handiest for everyday recurring expenses as it offers cash back rewards for various restaurants and purchases made at filling stations.

  • Limitless Cashback Match. Discover matches all the cash back earned at the end of the first year. There are no maximum rewards or minimum spending, and it’s a dollar-for-dollar match.
  • Get cashback for your next road trip with 2% cashback at filling stations and eateries on up to $1,000 spent on combined purchases quarterly and 1% cashback on all other purchases.
  • As cash rewards do not expire, you can redeem any amount of cashback at any time. 
  • U.S. Based Customer Support is available round the clock.
  • With your FICO® Credit Score, you can acquire your free Credit Scorecard and some recent inquiries.
  • You will receive a notification or be alerted if your Social Security number or other identifying details are found on any Dark Web site.
  • No sign-up is required to activate bonuses and rewards for this credit card. Quarterly limits are set for bonus rewards.

5. Discover it® Student Chrome

Perks specified for students are offered via this card as building a good credit history should start early in life.

  • No credit score is required to apply for this card.
  • Cashback Match. No minimum spending is required to earn cash back at the end of your first year, as it’s a dollar-for-dollar match. Your $50 can turn into $100 through the unlimited cashback offer.
  • Get 2% cashback at filling stations and eateries on about $1,000 spent on combined purchases every quarter. Automatically earn an additional unlimited 1% cashback on the rest of the purchases.
  • Rewards can be earned while building a good credit history that can be useful after graduating. Obtain your free Credit Scorecard, which includes your FICO® Credit Score and important information that helps determine your overall score.
  • Zero annual fees. There is no late fee or change in APR on the first delayed payment
  • Earn a statement credit every time you refer the Discover it® Student Chrome Card to a friend if they get approved.

Bottom Line

Contact Discover it® for re-assessment if your application is rejected because of an erroneous entry or incorrect information in your credit report.

Discover’s customer service helpline:


What credit score is required for the Discover it® Cash Back card? Aim to have a FICO score of 680 or above and a VantageScore exceeding 700, as chances of approval automatically go up with excellent credit.

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