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Established in 2011, Pyramid Credit Repair is a relatively pricey credit restoration agency specializing in fraudulent activities and is dedicated to serving you.

Pyramid Credit Repair started as a software-based Self-help Company and has risen to be one of the well-reputed companies. It is recognized as the best credit repair service across the US. However, it does not operate in some states, such as Kansas, Michigan, South Carolina, Maryland, Iowa, Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Oregon, Maine, Indiana, and Idaho.

How Does Pyramid Credit Repair work?

Start your approach by undertaking a free evaluation with a credit restoration professional for your case. The procedure comprises a few queries, which can also be regulated via call or through an online platform. If you opt to continue using their services, you can schedule a virtual meeting with your assigned account manager. 

Your credit report will be analyzed in-depth in the one-to-one meeting, and a plan to repair your credit will be devised. The credit restoration service will additionally provide a ‘Golden Number’ – the credit score figure Pyramid will intend to reach.

To start with the process of disputing errors or negative entries on your credit report, Pyramid will send official customized letters of dispute to the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. 

Pyramid will keep you up-to-date about the progress made, usually after 45 to 60 days of the initial dispute filed.

How Much Do Pyramid Credit Repair Services Cost?

  • No initial charges
  • Straightforward and clear structure

A personal account manager is designated to deal with your credit-related issues specifically and is your point of contact for any queries you may have regarding credit repair. The representative appointed will be available to you via their 24/7 customer support; email, SMS, or telephone. 

There are no hidden charges with Pyramid Credit Repair’s transparent pricing structure. The two clearly stated packages with no startup fees are; the single plan is priced at $99 per month, and the couples plan for $198 each month. Professors and lecturers are entitled to a 15% discount, while military veterans and those serving the nation are eligible for a 20% cut price.

Credit repair companies almost always charge an initial startup fee. Still, Pyramid Credit Repair does not, as it balances out its costs with the monthly fees being earned from higher-end sources in the market.

Depending on your current credit and financial standing, Pyramid vows to make changes to your credit score in as less as 45 to 60 days, unlike other credit restoration agencies who reveal that an average period of 4-6 months is required to observe an overall change in your credit score.

90-day Refund Guaranteed

  • The money refund policy applies for the initial 90 days 
  • No queries

There is a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Pyramid’s credit repair services without any questions asked. What’s more, is that no explanation or formality is required, such as filling out forms.

Other servicers assuring guarantees are not as easy to access as Pyramid’s offers are.  

Pyramid’s Other Services: 

In addition to other facilities, Pyramid offers protection against identity theft and fraud. It helps identify fraudulent entries on your credit report and assists in removing those undesirable derogatory marks from your credit files. You will be notified and alerted immediately in case of any strange activity happening with your account, which could potentially damage your financial standing. 

Online support

Being a software-based credit restoration company, Pyramid has unmatched customer care support in terms of excellence and promptness. You have 24/7 access to your credit details via logging into an online portal. 

Their website offers a lot more in terms of credit repair education. There are plenty of informative blogs, FAQs, and financial tools available regarding credit repair available on their site. You can learn how to further improve and increase your credit rating with all the information provided. In addition to that, you will not have to lose sleep over credit mending as you will already have knowledge on how to steer clear of such issues in the future.

How to sign up for credit repair services

Pyramid’s credit repair services can be signed up for via their website or by contacting them on their toll-free number. You’ll be contacted by a credit professional with your credit report analysis after you provide a few personal details. The expert agent will discuss your current credit situation with you to have a better understanding and a clear picture of your financial standing and objectives. 

There are no charges for the initial free consultation, but if you decide to proceed with their services, you will be charged a price on your credit card after about two weeks. 

Pyramid Credit Repair: User reviews

The score on Trustpilot for Pyramid Credit Repair is 4.4 out of 5, which is rated as an excellent score. Out of the 88 reviews on the consumer reviewing website, 92% classify as outstanding, 6% as good, and a mere 2% reviews were bad ones.

The credit repair service is not accredited or listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB); however, the relevant and customized information provided by them and their helpful services is frequently mentioned by consumers.

Wind-up: Why Should You Choose Pyramid Credit Repair?

The process is quite simple and clear with Pyramid Credit Repair’s pricing layout and no hidden charges. Nevertheless, it is still classified as one of the high-end credit restoration agencies.  

Despite that, you can consider your money well spent as a committed account manager who is dedicated to helping you throughout the entire procedure, which may also include fraud identification on your credit report. Satisfied customer reviews are additional motivation to choose Pyramid Credit Repair. 

The educational material available online and a personal account platform, along with regular alerts and notifications via email and SMS, are the extra benefits you will receive by opting for Pyramid’s services.

Customers are not bound to pay for long-term offers which haven’t been provided yet as the credit restoration company functions on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. With no queries asked, and a 90-day full refund guarantee, your money will always be protected if Pyramid Credit Repair fails to live up to your expectations.

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