Ovation Credit Service Review

Ovation Credit Services, Inc, has been a long-serving financial services company offering the topmost credit restoration services. The well-entrenched services company works under the reputed parent company, LendingTree. Ovation’s services include disputing errors on credit reports to help people with poor credit scores improve their financial status.


Owned by LendingTree, a trusted online marketplace for loans, Ovation offers the highest level of specialization in services in the lending arena with an individualized touch so you can be at ease knowing that your finances are in safe hands.

Providing a free assessment of your credit, Ovation customizes a distinctive plan for you with an expert customer representative guiding you at all levels.

Ovation Credit Repair

You can follow these three easy steps to improve your credit profile:

1. Getting You Registered In Ovation’s Credit Repair Scheme

You can get enrolled by directly contacting the support team or sharing your identity data and having an Ovation agent get back to you.

2.  Identify Elements Affecting Your Credit Status

A credit specialist at Ovation will evaluate your report. They will point out the negative items that bring down your score while simultaneously devising a strategy to combat and repair your low credit score.

3. Have Highly Skilled Personnel Cater To You

You will be guided by specialists every step of the way of the personalized credit repair process. Your progress will be kept track of, and suggestions to improve your credit will be given if need be.

Credit Services

Ovation offers the following services to rebuild and restore your credit:

Free of Charge Consultancy

One credit auditor will contact you once you have filled out a request form on Ovation’s site. Your credit report will be reviewed, and the representative will answer all queries. Based on the data provided, you can decide if the company’s credit restoration plan suits you and whether you want to go ahead with it and sign up.

Individualized Disputes

Any incorrect or invalid negative entry in your report can be disputed with this course of action.

Personal Case Advisor

Your expert consultant will take you through the disputing procedure while assisting you in improving your credit.

Financial Investment Management Service & Tools

Your budget can be planned out, and your debt paid off with the help of financial management tools such as Accounting Software and billing and processing systems.

Debt Validation Letters

Ovation Credit Services will devise and send boundless personalized dispute validation letters to the affiliated collection agencies.

Countless Goodwill Letters To The Creditor

Goodwill letters address creditors and explain why timely payments could not be made. Your lender may be able to resolve a late payment issue or remove a negative item before it is recorded in your credit report.

Credit Monitoring Via TransUnion

Users will be sent alerts and be notified about any shift in their credit report or if somebody tries to access their credit without authorization.

Ovation Credit Services Packages and Payment

The two kinds of plans and packages offered and their fees are as follow:


These services include; customized dispute possibilities, expert consultancy, and financial investment management tools and services.


Initial fee – $89

Month to month fee – $79

Essentials Plus

These services include; countless debt validation letters and goodwill letters to the creditor, an official recommendation letter from Ovation, and credit monitoring via TransUnion.


The initial fee – $89

Month to month – $109

Customer Support

The customer services team can be contacted via phone or email during their operational hours, which are:

Monday – Friday: 8 am

– 9 pm EST

Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm EST

Ovation has mixed reviews concerning their customer support team as some clients are happy with their services while the rest have trouble reaching out to the customer support team. The absence of 24/7 live support causes inconvenience to many.

The Practicality Of Ovation Credit Repair

There are numerous feedbacks on Ovation Credit Repair’s Facebook and Google pages. You can also find customer reviews on Trustpilot, BBB, and Consumer Affairs websites.

Some Ovation Credit Repair customer reviews state how accommodating, supportive, and enlightening the support team is regarding the financial future and identifying negative items which bring down the credit score.

Users of Ovation Credit Repair services were content with the increase in their credit scores after using the services for a few months. One customer mentioned an increase in their score by 40 points in just a month.

Drawbacks of Ovation Credit Repair

Even though many customers reported having an optimistic and beneficial experience, many users remained discontent. Despite employees being highly praised, many support team-related complaints were filed as clients could not get through to representatives to get their matters resolved.

Some pessimistic reviews also comprised people misunderstanding the services offered by Ovation Credit Repair. These reviews were of people who discovered the negative items on their report could be disputed free of cost by themselves.

LendingTree’s critiques on Reddit comprised of objections against the constant calls by LendingTree’s customer service.

The Settlement

Credit repair assistance is provided by Ovation at low rates to match your budget. Their charges are relatively lower than their competitors, and the free-of-cost consultation is an added benefit. 

Ovation provides features for its customers so you can dispute negative items off your credit report with ease. Advanced monitoring tools and professional help will further assist you in improving your credit score and your financial status.

Alternatives of Credit Service Agencies

How does Ovation compete against other credit bureaus?

Ovation Credit Services, In Contrast To Lexington Law

Ovation credit services have lower rates than Lexington Law which costs between $89.85 – $129.95. Moreover, their fundamental packages don’t even offer expert consultancy or management tools to manage your finances. With the pointers mentioned above, it is safe to say you will get your money’s worth with Ovation credit services.

Ovation Credit Services vs. Sky Blue

Sky Blue’s packages and prices are simple and pretty easy to grasp, with just one plan priced at $79/month. 

Like Ovation, Sky Blue also gives various discounts coupled with free-of-cost consultations. The credit repair company also has a 90-day money compensation guarantee.

Is Ovation Credit Services Worth It?

Ovation Credit Services, owned by LendingTree, works on amending your credit while offering affordable packages priced lower than its competitors. Free consultation with a credit analyst is also provided to those unsure of picking the right service. 

Ovation can help you build up your FICO score while providing personalized services to improve your current financial situation.

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