The Credit People: Credit Repair Services Review

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The Credit People — Credit Restoration Services

The Credit People was formed in 2001 to give people with bad credit hope and show them how they might improve their credit in the future. The 

Credit People have helped over 100,000 people improve their credit scores throughout their many years of credit repair practice. The Credit People focuses on providing quick credit restoration services. 

The organization concentrates on assisting people in repairing their credit while also increasing their credit ratings. Customer review websites have given it the highest rating, and it is perfect for those who wish to improve their credit score and be able to take out loans with the best possible conditions.

The Credit People, Inc. offers a monthly payment plan ($79 per month plus a one-time $19 initial work cost) or a set six-month payment schedule (a flat fee of $419). While The Credit People’s monthly pricing is approximately normal for the industry, their one-time first work price is lower than many of the other credit repair firms we looked at.

Services The Credit People Offer

The Credit People is committed to assisting people in improving their credit scores. The organization has a staff of credit specialists that examine its clients’ credit ratings to deliver on their promises. 

It then devises the optimal strategy for removing bad things from its credit reports. The organization strives to make things simple, including offering well-defined products and pricing.

The Credit People offers two kinds of memberships;

Monthly Membership

It’s a credit restoration program that runs on a month-to-month basis. This starts at 19$. You can cancel anytime you want without any risk.

Flat-Rate Membership

It’s a six-month credit repair package that allows you to pay one flat fee for six months of service. This one-time fee is 419$, one flat rate for the same services.

You may get started for $19 with a Monthly Membership package and then pay $79 each month. However, if you choose the Flat Rate Membership option, you may sign up for 6 months for just $419. It can help you save $74.

Additional Services

The Credit People offers the following additional credit restoration services such as;

Free Credit Reports

Many credit repair firms offer these services, but only a handful of them do so for free. It makes complete sense for credit repair businesses to do this for you because you can’t begin to improve your credit scores unless you know what they are and what is keeping them low.

24-hour Account Access

The Credit People’s online dashboard ensures that the adjustments made to your credit reports are not a mystery to you. To keep track of your progress, log in to your account using The Credit People client login option in the top-right corner of the website.

Debt Validations

You have the right to demand evidence that you owe a debt from your creditor, but only within 30 days of the creditor’s first contact with you and not over the phone. The Credit People examine your situation to see if there are reasons for validation, and if so, they will send the letter on your behalf.

Customized Credit Priorities

It is critical to develop a good credit repair plan tailored to an individual’s circumstances to get the desired outcomes.

Unlimited Disputes

All you have to do now is sit back and watch the unfavorable marks vanish from your credit history with many disputes at your disposal. The Credit People’s complete cleanup can eliminate the following items:

Late Payments, Collections, Charge-offs, Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Lines for Foreclosure Taxes, Identity theft issues, Judgments on student loans, Creditor communication, and Escalated disputes.

Creditor Communication

Creditors are sometimes eager to help, and reminding them of your rights now and then may make a big difference, so don’t be afraid to communicate with them. You may leave it to The Credit People if you still don’t feel like picking up the phone.

Pros and Cons of The Credit People

Every credit repair company comes with its pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of The Credit People company;


Affordable Pricing

Clients can pay $79 per month for credit restoration services or $419 for a comprehensive six-month premium credit repair package. This is far less than the fees charged by many other credit repair organizations. 

For these fees, The Credit People will try to dispute specific erroneous or invalid negative entries on clients’ credit reports, keep customers informed about the credit repair process, assist clients in becoming more motivated to properly preserve their credit history, and much more.

No Hidden Fees

When it comes to assisting clients in achieving excellent credit, The Credit People strives to be completely transparent with its clients. Customers may use the company’s services for a monthly cost of $79.

Their credit repair price specifics are available on their website, and clients can use the company’s services for a monthly fee of $79. The company’s credit restoration service also does not have any hidden fees or additional expenditures.

Adequate Educational Tools

The Credit People’s assistance section has a plethora of instructional materials, videos, and other resources. So, customers can educate themselves about credit repair services from the website of The Credit People.


Setup Cost

The Credit People costs clients a $19 startup fee and a monthly cost. While this is a reasonable starting price, some credit repair organizations do not charge consumers a startup fee. 

Even though The Credit People’s monthly/six-month charges are reasonable, it appears that the firm does not offer clients a free trial period, as many of its competitors do.

Limited Package Options

Potential clients may be limited by the company’s lack of credit repair packages and service alternatives. Many other organizations in the market, for example, may provide plan choices that include extra services, customizable plans, and so on.

Final Word

The Credit Customers is a dependable and trustworthy credit restoration firm with over 15 years of expertise in helping people build their credit. We can conclude from The Credit People customer evaluations that the organization is very customer-centric and actively works to assist clients in building their credit with the greatest convenience.

The Credit People demonstrate that they are a reputable credit repair company and that they offer quality credit repair services through a large number of positive client reviews, as well as the company’s focus on each client’s credit record as well as good credit habits, a free credit consultation, and no hidden fees.

If you choose The Credit People to help you repair your credit, you won’t have to worry about dealing with creditors since your designated credit specialist will do everything. 

However, you won’t find this credit agency on BBB’s list of the finest credit repair companies. That’s because it has a less-than-stellar C+ rating.

We assume that many points were deducted from The Credit People’s score since the firm isn’t BBB-accredited, making its rating look much worse than it is. We understand since some businesses prefer to let their work speak for itself rather than paying for the approval of rating websites.

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