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Priced at $79 monthly, Sky Blue Credit proposes only one credit repair package with an additional one-time payment of $79. Unlike its competitors, Sky Blue does not include comprehensive services in their package, such as credit monitoring. 

However, the credit repair company does provide debt validation cease and desist letters alongside other services with no added cost. Additionally, clients can dispute approximately five items in their report with the three credit bureaus each month.

Due to a limit on the number of credit disputes, you may have to subscribe to extra repair credit services with other companies separately. Such is not the case with Sky Blue, as these services are standard.


Established in 1989, Sky Blue Credit is a well-reputed private credit repair company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

As reported by the company’s customer support team, a credit expert will tell you whether it’s possible to fix what you’re trying to repair before you sign up for their services.

You can cancel your credit repair request for any reason within 90 days and receive your money back with Sky Blue’s unreserved 90-days refund assurance.

Available Facilities

Priced at $79 monthly, Sky Blue Credit proposes one credit repair package with an additional one-time payment of $79. The agency will assist clients in disputing approximately five items from 15 in their report with the three credit bureaus each month.

Other credit repair agencies dispute limitless items at once, leading to rapid credit restoration. A customer service representative from Sky Blue reported that the agency decided to decrease the number of items to dispute as credit bureaus will presumably dismiss items big in amount.

The company also provides debt validation, cease and desist letters, goodwill letters in their credit repair plan, and other services at no additional cost. 

Due to a limit on the number of credit disputes, you may have to separately subscribe to extra repair credit services with other companies at high-cost plans. Such is not the case with Sky Blue, as these services are standard, and guidance on building and maintaining a perfect credit score will be given. However, the company does not offer month-to-month credit monitoring and financial management tools such as budgeting.

No Additional Services

Unlike other companies who offer additional services such as credit monitoring, Sky Blue’s objective is to only focus on credit repair. You may want to look into dealing with other agencies for additional credit mending services like monthly credit monitoring or advance budgeting tools. Sky Blue Credit does, however, provide value-added service by guiding clients as to how they can build positive credit history and escalate their scores. This element gives Sky Blue an advantage, making it stand out from its competitors.

Customer Support: Apply online

The company can be contacted for support from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 07:00 PM (EST) via phone or by submitting a query online. 

The friendly and well-informed customer support team is available to assist you in registering for a plan or to answer your queries. Signing up for credit repairs via Sky Blue can be done online – a service not provided by many competitors of the company. 

Free consultation before signing up is offered by Sky Blue, along with an unconditional 90-day refund policy. This factor distinguishes the company from many competitors who do not have a similar policy. 

Bear in mind to opt for services from a nonprofit credit counseling company for free consultancy if you do not know what type of credit help to get.

Reputation: Satisfactory Complaint Resolution

According to a review on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s  (CFPB) customer complain platform, only two complaints were registered against Sky Blue Credit in the past three years. One pertained to unsatisfactory customer support, and another one was registered for the agency not taking measures on behalf of a customer after they had signed up.

Customer Satisfaction: Providing Concrete Guidance

It should be noted that credit amendments can only be done if there are negative items on your credit report which are to be disputed. Although some incorrect items could not be addressed and removed from clients’ credit reports, they still learned about other means to boost and sustain good credit and credit history. Like Sky Blue, an authorized credit repair agency should be able to give legitimate and quality credit recommendations. This element positively influences the consumer mindset.

Average Pricing and Surprising Discounts

An initial amount of $79 a month will need to be paid for credit repair and restoration services to Sky Blue Credit. A “first work” or initial arrangement fee of $79 will be charged alongside the monthly fee charges six days after signing up for a repair plan with Sky Blue.

Your subscription can be canceled by you with no conditions or added cost. Sky Blue offers credit repair services at affordable and market-competitive rates. 

Signing up for Sky Blue services as a duo will earn one member a 50% discount on both the initial payment and the continuing monthly charges. This couple’s discount is viewed as far more superior than those given by other credit restoration institutions. In addition to this, Sky Blue promises an unrestricted 90-day cash refund. 

The table below sums up the cost for Sky Blue Credit services:

PlanInitial FeeMonthly Fee
Sky Blue Credit$79$79

Sky Blue Credit Services, in contrast to Lexington Law

Sky Blue has a spectacular history of performance since its origination in 1989. Its high-priced yet popular competitor, Lexington Law, has been in the industry since 2004.

A major point-of-difference between the two lending institutions is the worth for money Sky Blue offers as a single low-priced package offers more value and service.

Although Lexington Law offers more services such as regular credit monitoring, Sky Blue has better value and services overall.

The table below compares the services and costs of the two companies:

 Sky Blue CreditLexington Law
Monthly Price$79Not Advertised
Initial Fees$79Not Advertised
Number of PlansOneThree

Closing Judgment

“Affordable Price and Money-Back Guarantee”

Established on the grounds of research and reviews, Sky Blue provides exceptional credit restoration services at the average industry price of $79/month. 

In addition to market-friendly rates, you can receive free expert credit advice, an unconditional money-back guarantee in 90 days, and generous discounts.

With these benefits in mind, Sky Blue Credit is a solid go-to option for credit restoration and maintaining good credit history as it has been given an A+ rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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