Credit Limit Increase With Chase

How To Request Credit Limit Increase With Chase?

One can never have enough reasons for requesting a credit limit increase from Chase, irrespective of trying to meet the finances for a huge purchase or yield the maximum potential boost for your personal credit score.

Even when you are walking on a financial tightrope, a higher credit limit can ease the pressure and offer you the right oomph of flexibility. If you are a Chase credit card owner, requesting Chase to increase the credit limit on your card helps you build good credit and extra spending powers. 

Unlike other competing credit card issuers, Chase has not made it possible to apply for a limit increase on credit through online options. You must contact them through the telephone number provided on your credit card.

However, before you decide to pick up your phone, here are some tips to help your request for a credit limit increase with Chase a success. We will also discuss other options to help you if Chase denies your request. 

Eligibility Criteria For Credit Limit Increase With Chase

Chase has no strict eligibility requirements for requesting a credit limit increase. Still, a few good general principles require you to keep improving your eligibility. 

The closer you and your credit records are to the following statements, the more chances you will approve your request. 

  • You have practiced on-time payments religiously to keep a healthy track record.
  • Your account has been opened for six months minimum.

If you practice the aforementioned statements responsibly, you can easily convince the Chase card issuers to affirm your credit limit increase. With the demonstration of on-time payments, you’re showcasing your credit limit management skills to Chase every single time or early.

Likewise, demonstrating such healthy credit management behavior for an extensive period builds your reputation with Chase. The longer your account exists with Chase, the more information the bank will be reviewing to decide how responsible you are as a credit cardholder.

In addition to this, if you have requested a new card less than six months before applying for a credit limit increase, nothing much has likely changed on your credit profile that can guarantee an increase in credit limit.

Things You Need To Consider Before Requesting For A Credit Limit Increase

To determine whether getting a higher credit limit is a good idea with Chase or not, try and find the answers to the following questions; 

  • How much is your current credit limit?
  • What your new credit limit would be?
  • Are you qualified for an increased credit limit?

Once you are done finding answers to these questions, you will be 100% clear about whether it’s a good idea to apply for a credit limit increase or not. You will also clear the air about your standings as a credit cardholder. 

Now without any further ado, let’s move on to the real question of how to request a credit limit increase with Chase?   

Requesting A Credit Limit Increase With Chase

Depending on your current state of how responsibly you have used your credit card and what your credit score is, Chase offers a few different options for applying for a credit limit increase.

Applying For An Online Request

Different credit issuers have different policies regarding online requests for credit limit increases. Many of them facilitate their customers to request a credit limit increase from their online platforms. The user signs in to their accounts and submits requests. 

However, Chase does not allow its cardholders to apply online for a credit limit increase. You have to call them on the number provided on the back of the Chase credit card. The request for a credit limit increase gets into the process. 

Accepting The Automated Credit Limits 

Chase cardholders know that its offers automatically generate credit limit increase offers. Keep an eye on these automated notifications if you plan to request an increase in your credit limit.   

Request New Chase Credit Card

Having a new credit card is a good way to increase your credit limit. However, let us clear this one thing, a new card won’t get your old card limit increased, but you will only have an additional credit limit on a separate card to use. 

Chase Chase’s Automated Credit Limit Increase

Chase will automatically increase your credit limit without requesting it if you are a responsible credit card user. You have to maintain a healthy credit profile, which means paying on time or early payments, using less than 30% of your credit limit, etc.  

A Few Tips For Credit Line Increase With Chase 

You don’t always need to get what you want; easy peasy. If Chase denies your request for a higher credit limit for any possible reason, you don’t have to give up on hopes at this point. Instead, try to convince the bank for improved chances to get your desired increase in the credit limit. 

Here’s what you can do to help yourself; 

  • It would be best if you came up with a compelling reason to convince Chase for increased its credit limit. Foreshadowing a huge buy always turns out to be a good reason that easily guarantees a quick approval of a higher credit limit.
  • You can also request for credit transfer that is available on another Chase credit card. But for this, you need to have two Chase credit cards
  • You can also tempt a Chase agent with a balance transfer on another card which resultantly can get you an increased credit limit as an accommodation to balance
    transfer and other benefits like promotional APR or transfer fees. 
  • It would help if you made a reasonable increase in the credit limit. Otherwise, it is bound to be denied by Chase only if your request is unreal or something strong enough to get credit score support. 
  • It would be best if you also were considerate about picking up the time for requesting a credit limit increase. A request made at the right time has a higher chance of getting approved. 

What If Chase Denies Your Request For A Credit Limit Increase? 

Don’t worry if Chase has denied your request for increasing your credit line. There are plenty of ways to manage to get a credit limit increase after it was denied.

And here are a few of them described below; 

Improving Credit Score Profile: Credit score can be why your credit limit increase request keeps getting denied. Trying to boost your credit score can get your request approved by Chase, but this will take a few months, patience, and consistency from you.

Pay On-time, Every Time:  You must not have any outstanding balance against your Chase credit card and make all your payments on time because it adds value to your personal credit score. The increased credit score is going to increase highly likely increases the chances of your request getting approved. 

Apply For A New Credit Card: If Chase has denied your credit limit increase, you should consider other credit options with other card issuers. You might want to apply for credit cards made for bad credit scores with a poor credit score. 

Try To Get The Balance Transfer: You can have any reason to get a credit limit increase. However, if you want to do it to clear up the space on your credit card, transferring the balance can be a good option. 

It will allow you to transfer all your balance from existing cards with 0% APR and six month period, at least with no interest. The best credit cards for a balance transfer offer 0% APR for up to 21 months. 

Bottom Line!

Getting your request accepted by Chase isn’t that difficult at all. However, if your request gets denied, you also have other options to add an extra credit line to your profile if you qualify for it. To see if you are qualified and find a match that best fits your daily requirements, you can check on different online tools available on the internet for free. 

Nonetheless, don’t get discouraged. Eventually, your request to increase your credit limit with Chase will get accepted if you show some patience and persistence in maintaining the eligibility criteria mentioned earlier in the blog. Your request will get processed within 30 once you submit it.

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