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The Credit Pros Credit Repair Reviews 2022

The Credit Pros is a Newark, New Jersey-based credit restoration company. The firm was launched in 2009 provides credit repair services to customers in all 50 states.

The Credit Pros is one of the strongest financial technology companies, focused on teaching and advising customers on how to fix inaccurate data and credit ratings on credit reports. The Credit Pros ratings are excellent, with an A+ BBB rating and 11 years of expertise.

The Credit Pros are noteworthy given that they are not only a credit restoration firm. They’re also a financial and credit education firm dedicated to assisting clients in avoiding credit problems in the present and future.

But is it the right credit repair firm for you? That is the question. But you do not have to worry about it. In this article, we will review The Credit Pros to give you all the answers to your questions.

What Services Does The Credit Pros Provide?

They provide credit restoration services that educate clients about how credit reporting works and assist them dispute inaccuracies, bad items, and old debts with credit reporting agencies.

The Credit Pros provides three credit restoration programs, ranging from $69 to $149 per month. The Money Management plan is the most basic credit repair program, only $69 per month. If you have more than one thing to address on your credit, you’ll need to join up for the Prosperity Package ($119 per month) or the Success Package ($149 per month).

Their services include:

  • The account is accessible 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, so you may check on the progress of your account whenever you want.
  • Credit monitoring & identity theft protection – Monitor your credit report and look for symptoms of identity theft to safeguard your credit.
  • Updates to your credit score – Examine the credit ratings used by lenders and landlords when evaluating applications.
  • Free Credit Report – They provide you with not just a selected overview but complete access to your credit reports.
  • You have the option to cancel at any time. There’s no need to sign a contract that will last indefinitely. You have the authority to cancel your account at any time.


The Credit Pros offers the following packages;

1. Money Management Plan

The most affordable credit repair package is The Money Management plan offered by the credit pros. This subscription offers credit monitoring similar to the basic package and money management tools (such as budgeting and bill reminders) and basic credit restoration services. You’ll also be given tools to assist you in paying off your current loans and access the company’s legal expertise if you have any queries about credit difficulties.

The major disadvantage of this method is that you can only fix one object. If you have many items to repair, a firm like Ovation Credit, which has a monthly payment of $79 plus an $89 first service charge, is a better option. The credit line from National Credit Direct supplied by The Credit Pros with this plan is a unique feature whether you want to establish credit or simply have one credit issue to repair.

2. Prosperity Package

The Credit Pros’ third credit restoration package is the Prosperity Package. It contains the same services such as credit monitoring, money management, and credit repair as the Money Management plan, allowing you to file an unlimited number of credit disputes. 

However, unlike the Money Management plan, it does not feature a credit line. This plan is for those customers who need to fix many items on their credit reports but don’t require access to a credit line. When you select the Prosperity Package, you’ll pay a one-time cost of $119 and then $119 every month until you discontinue your plan with The Credit Pros.

3. Success Package

The Success Package is The Credit Pros’ most comprehensive credit restoration package. The same credit monitoring, money management, and credit restoration services as the Prosperity Package are included in this package. 

In addition, National Credit Direct will provide you with a credit line that you may use to help you maintain a good credit history. This plan is for persons who have many items on their credit reports that need to be repaired and those who want access to a credit line so they may work on developing a good credit history. When you join up for the Success Package, you’ll pay a one-time cost of $149 and then $149 every month until you discontinue your plan with The Credit Pros.

Speed of Service:

The credit Pros make no promises about credit miracles or unreasonable timelines. Its professionals evaluate each client’s circumstance individually and take appropriate action; there are no one-size-fits-all answers. The outcome varies from instance to case. Some people will notice immediate increases in their credit scores after only a few weeks, while others will have to wait many months.

According to The Credit Pros reviews that we have come across so far, the company’s committed team starts working on your credit repair within days of signing up. The initial credit improvements may be visible in as little as six months.

Additional Services:

Credit Pros have partnered with IDCover, CashRules, CreditSentry, National Credit Direct, and Slash to deliver great credit repair services.

Following are some of the company’s additional services:

  • Free Consultation — Customer service at Credit Pros is rated incredibly excellent. A free consultation session with an experienced expert is provided to clients.
  • Educational Services — Clients who use the Credit Pros educational facilities gain expertise and knowledge on all credit problems.
  • Legal Advice — Legal advice and services are provided by the firm’s in-house attorneys.
  • Money-Back — The firm promises a 100 percent refund in the event of non-delivery following a dispute.

It might be confusing to know where to begin for credit repair. There is no other time to get started than right now. The sooner you improve your credit, the easier it will be to get the items that have been evading you. Hence, we understand if you have been looking for a credit repair firm.

The Credit Pros’ key edge is its FICO-certified specialists and in-house lawyers. Because credit conditions can be complicated at times, having such a team on your behalf greatly boosts your chances of receiving the outcomes you want.

Along with trying to remove bad credit entries from your credit reports, The Credit Pros provide stop and desist letters, credit report printouts from the three major credit agencies, a free credit consultation, and a credit repair ebook.

However, keep in mind that Credit Pros reviews are neither favorable nor negative. Their review ratings are among the most difficult to come by of all the credit repair organizations we looked into.

Despite the fact that their average customer score was 3.6, most of those comments showed that the people who were rating had unreasonable expectations or poor comprehension of the credit restoration procedure. So, it would hurt to look for a little bit, have full knowledge about a credit repair company, and then decide if this would be the right move for you.

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