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What Is An EMS Credit Inquiry On My Credit Report?

Have you happened to come across an EMS credit inquiry on your credit report, and you are confused about it? You might have come to exactly where you are supposed to be.

We will look in-depth at what EMS Credit Inquiry is and in what circumstances it appears on your credit report.

What Is An EMS Credit Inquiry?

Equifax Mortgage Services is abbreviated as EMS LACS.

If you find EMS LACS on your credit report, it means you recently filed for a mortgage, and your lender reviewed your credit history using Equifax Mortgage Services.

Equifax Mortgage Services is a division of the credit agency Equifax that supplies mortgage lenders with consumer credit information and data analysis services. Credit reports, bank records, employment records, and other data are available.

EMS LACS may also be listed on your credit record under the following names:

  • EMS
  • EMS Atlanta
  • Equifax Mortgage Solutions
  • Equifax MTG
  • Equifax Mortgage Services

Equifax Mortgage Services is a genuine company. If their name shows up on your credit report, it is most likely because a lender employed their services to examine your credit.

If you believe there is movement on your credit report under EMS LACS that should not be there, you may have been the victim of identity theft.

Why Had EMS Credit Inquiry Appeared On Your Credit Report? 

EMS credit inquiry is most likely showing up on your credit record as an inquiry. There are just two possible explanations for an EMS LACS inquiry:

1. You Have Applied For Credit Line

If your potential creditor utilized one of the company’s products to perform a credit check on you to evaluate whether or not to offer you credit, you would find EMS LACS on your credit report. This kind of an inquiry can show on your credit report in one of two ways:

Soft Inquiry

When a creditor reviews your credit record without your permission, this is referred to as a soft inquiry. This might be a company you’ve spoken with for a pre-approval estimate but haven’t yet applied with. 

An existing lender may also do a soft inquiry to check on your existing credit position. Soft inquiries have no, whatsoever, influence on credit scores.

Hard Inquiry

When you ask for new credit & the creditor or creditor does a credit check, this is considered a hard inquiry. It might be for a mortgage, an apartment, a vehicle loan, a credit card, an insurance policy, a cell phone, or even a job application.

Hard queries usually only lower your credit score by several points. But, if you have many, particularly in a brief span of time, they may quickly mount up and cause problems.

Soft inquiries do not really impact your credit score whatsoever. Hard Inquiries, however, leave an impact that might end up with you not being considered for the loans or mortgages.

Hard inquiries have a minor, temporary impact on your credit score. Too many hard inquiries, on the other hand, can severely reduce your credit score and make it impossible to get new lines of credit at reasonable rates.

The impact an EMS LACS hard credit inquiry has on your credit score is examined by your credit history and the date of the query. Hard inquiries normally result in a minor decline in your FICO or VantageScore credit score, but the effect should only last a year or so on your credit report.

2. Identity Theft

If you find an EMS LACS credit inquiry on your credit record, but you did not apply for credit, it might be an indication of identity theft. If you feel that your identity has been stolen, you must take the following steps:

All you have to do is call one of the three credit bureaus and request for a fraud alert to be activated on your credit record. The bureau you call will work with the other two to coordinate your fraud notice, and all three will acknowledge it.

Monitoring your credit reports carefully to detect identity theft will give you an edge on knowing about any identity theft as soon as it occurs.

Final Word

If you have an EMS credit inquiry on your credit report, it signifies you requested new credit lately, and your potential creditor employed Equifax Mortgage Services to analyze your creditworthiness.

Please take a few seconds to contact Equifax Mortgage Services regarding the inquiry. It could help you remember something. Take action by challenging the inquiry with the bureaus if you did not apply for a loan or act as a cosigner for someone else’s mortgage.

After applying for a loan, a hard inquiry is usually the last thing on most people’s minds. This is one of the least harmful sorts of entries you may submit to your report so that it will not be there for long.

Like any other hard inquiry, your EMS credit inquiry will most likely result in a little decline in your credit score. But, the influence is just temporary, and the inquiry will be closed in two years.

Suppose you believe the EMS credit inquiry on your credit report is incorrect. In that case, you may have it eliminated by filing a dispute with the three major credit agencies or using a credit repair business.

If you haven’t applied for credit and believe the EMS LACS inquiry is the product of identity theft, make a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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