What Is Microbilt Corporation Credit Inquiry On My Credit Report

How To Remove Microbilt Corporation Credit Inquiries And Avoid Damage To Your Credit Score

MicroBilt Corporation, founded in 1978, is a credit-reporting organization. They make consumer information available to tenants, creditors, recruiters, and debt collectors.

MicroBilt delivers credit reports and information to its clients, such as bill payment history, court judgments, job history, bank activity, and contact details.

Suppose you find a MicroBilt credit inquiry on your credit report. In that case, it means you just applied to work, an apartment, or a line of credit. Your manager, tenant, or creditor is utilizing MicroBilt to verify your credit history.

Why Is Microbilt Credit Inquiry Shown On Your Report?

MicroBilt would appear on your credit report if a person or business utilized one of the company’s products to conduct a credit check on you.

Prospective employers, creditors, and tenants frequently utilize screening products and services to reduce the risk associated with contracting. Based on the screening provider and the cause for the background check, the reports they receive may contain a variety of information.

Nevertheless, the fact that Microbilt Corporation appears on your credit record indicates that the credit check included a check of your credit record.

However, this may not be the only reason why Microbilt credit inquiry would appear on your credit report

If you can’t understand why MicroBilt might show as a credit inquiry on your credit record, Microbilt Corporation or the credit bureau probably misidentified you. It might also be an indicator of identity theft in some circumstances.

If you feel that your identity has been stolen, you must take the following steps:

  • Request MicroBilt and obtain information on who hired their assistance and why.
  • Inform the Federal Trade Commission about identity theft (FTC). To produce an identity theft report and recovery plan, go to www.identitytheft.gov and answer the questions.
  • Contact the appropriate credit agencies (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) and request that a fraud alert be placed on your credit record.

All you have to do is call one of the three credit bureaus & request that a fraud alert be put on your credit record. The bureau you call will work with the other two to coordinate your fraud notice, and all three will acknowledge it.

How To Remove Microbilt Corporation Credit Inquiry From Credit Report?

If the Microbilt Corporation query is a hard inquiry and a mistake, attempt one of the following methods for deleting your credit report’s hard inquiries.

1. Dispute the Inquiry

If you believe your MicroBilt inquiry was a mistake, you can file a dispute with the credit bureaus. If you believe MicroBilt is on your credit report as a result of fraudulent behavior or identity theft, you should write a dispute letter, but first, file a report with the FTC.

After you register a dispute, the credit agency is obligated to investigate and fix any incorrect info on your report within 30–45 days.

2. Contact A Credit Repair Company

A credit repair firm will operate as a go-between for you and MicroBilt or the credit bureaus. A credit repair specialist may be able to remove the MicroBilt hard inquiry from your credit report by assisting you in gathering all of the necessary paperwork and documentation and handling your correspondence.

However, be aware of con artists. Credit repair firms are not permitted by law to make misleading claims or charge you before they have helped you.

Furthermore, while employing a credit repair business will save you time and effort in appealing entries on your credit report, they cannot eliminate genuine inquiries or change a negative credit score into a high credit score overnight.

In many circumstances, credit repair businesses will not be able to do everything for you that you couldn’t do yourself, so evaluate if it’s worth it to pay for a third party to assist you in removing MicroBilt from your credit report.

How Does MicroBilt Corporation Inquiry Affect Credit Score?

The sort of MicroBilt inquiry you have will determine how it impacts your credit score. On your credit report, you may see two sorts of inquiries:

  • Hard Inquiry — If you apply for new credit, such as a car loan or mortgage, your credit report shows a hard inquiry.
  • Soft inquiry — If your credit was reviewed for purposes other than credit applications, such as job screening or prequalifying you for an installment loan or other credit, you’d notice a soft inquiry on your report.

The primary distinction between hard and soft inquiries is that hard inquiries lower your credit score by a few points, but soft inquiries do not affect your credit score.

Whether a credit inquiry will be classified as hard or soft is unclear. For example, landlord credit checks might result in light or hard inquiries. However, credit applications almost always result in hard inquiries, whereas screening for a job or insurance usually results in a soft inquiry.

The extent to which a hard credit pull impacts your score is determined by your credit history and the query date. Hard inquiries normally result in a minor decline in the FICO or VantageScore credit score, but the impact should only last a year. Furthermore, they will not be kept on your credit record for more than 2 years.

Final Word

If Microbilt Corporation appears on your credit report, it signifies that a person or corporation utilized MicroBilt’s services to do a background check on you. If MicroBilt sparked a hard inquiry, your credit score would likely suffer a temporary reduction. Soft inquiries have no negative impact on your credit score.

If you believe the MicroBilt query on your credit report is incorrect, you may have it erased by disputing it with the credit agencies or hiring a credit repair business. If you, at any moment, suspect that your identity has been stolen, submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

However, suppose you applied for funding or a loan that eventually resulted in a hard or soft inquiry from Microbilt corporation. In that case, you should work on improving the credit score in different ways instead of getting it removed.

Furthermore, you can keep monitoring your credit report and strategically utilize your credit. This would eventually improve your credit score. Keeping track of your credit report would give you an edge over these kinds of inquiries, and you can take immediate action to resolve the issue. 

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