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How To Remove BGE Collections From Your Credit Report

Are BGE Collections affecting your credit? BGE Collections is a debt collector.

If you become behind on your Baltimore Gas and Electric Company electricity payments, their collections department may contact you.

In addition to contacting you, the corporation will add a collections item to your credit report, potentially lowering your credit score for years.

You may be tempted to answer calls and pay BGE the amount owed to stop the phone calls and letters, but doing so will not help your credit.

What Are BGE Collections?

BGE Collections is a debt collector that has placed a collection item on your credit record. This may imply that they acquired the debt from the original lender in some situations (i.e., a credit card or loan company). This usually implies they spent cents on the dollar or a tenth of the initial cost to purchase the debt.

Baltimore Gas & Electric Company is among Maryland’s largest utility companies. In other words, BEG and its collecting arm are both lawful.

When you quit service with an outstanding amount or fall behind on your electricity payments, your supplier will attempt to collect money from you numerous times.

If they fail, your debt will be sent to collectors, which can negatively influence your credit record. Some businesses sell their debts to third-party collectors, while others, such as BGE, maintain their own collections department.

Collections entries are posted to your credit record and remain there for seven years, even if the obligation is paid off.

How To Remove BGE Collections From Your Credit Report?

BGE collections can harm your credit score & stay on your credit record for up to 7 years, whether or not you pay them. Paying the collector may as well harm your credit score.

However, a collection account might be removed from your credit record within 7 years.

1. Send a Debt Validation Letter

Accidents occur. Incorrect collection entries are also caused by reporting mistakes. In other circumstances, an identity thief may target you. In either scenario, you should request validation if you suspect a problem in your report.

All you have to do is write BGE a debt validation letter that you can immediately create using this free template. However, debt validation isn’t simply for incorrect entries. Even if you owe BGE, you may be able to eliminate them from your credit record using this approach.

If the firm lacks the documents required to substantiate your debt, it will be removed from your report. You have 30 days under the FDCPA to contest a collection item, so you should respond soon.

2. Ask For a Pay-for-delete Agreement

If the previous technique fails to remove BGE from your report for free, your next best option is to suggest a pay-for-delete deal, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Unless you obtain BGE’s permission to have the collections record removed from your report, it will be there for the entire seven years, even though you pay off your debt. With this strategy, you propose to pay BGE to have the item removed from your report.

What’s the best part? Account collectors will often agree to take a negotiated sum to resolve your debt. If you owe BGE $250, offer to pay an additional $125 in return for removal and proceed from there.

When you and BGE agree on a sum and complete your payment, this should appear on your report soon. If your report hasn’t been updated after 30 days, contact the firm again to notify them of your agreement and payment.

3. Hire A Professional Credit Repair Service

While removing a collections agency from your credit record on your own is possible, it might be frustrating. Consider employing a credit repair business if you want to play a less hands-on part in the process.

They will ensure that debt collectors follow the FDCPA and assist you in removing the record from your credit report as soon as possible. They can be a big help if you’re dealing with other difficult credit issues, such as:

  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Liens
  • Repossessions
  • Hard Inquiries
  • Foreclosures
  • Chargeoffs
  • Identity Theft

There are a few good credit repair firms to pick from. Examine the options and select the one that best meets your requirements.

Know Your Rights While Dealing With BGE

In the United States, there are tight rules governing what a debt collector may and cannot do. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has prohibited the employment of abusive or fraudulent debt collection practices. Furthermore, the FDCPA gives you several rights to guarantee that collection firms do not reap your benefits.

Here are a few rights that you should know in particular;

  • You have the legal right to demand debt validation for an alleged debt. Send a debt validation letter to the collecting agency. They have 30 days or 1 month under the law to establish that the debt is yours and that the entire amount is correct.
  • BGE Collections must be transparent and upfront about who or what they are & what they are trying to accomplish. They must inform you, both verbally and in writing, that they are a collecting agency.
  • It is a federal law violation if, at any point, BGE reports any inaccurate, false, misleading, or incomplete information in your credit report.
  • BGE is lawfully prohibited from threatening or harassing you, contacting you constantly, cursing at you, or publicly posting a list of debtors.
  • BGE Collections is also prohibited from threatening to have you arrested, & they cannot threaten legal action if they do not intend to pursue it.

Final Word

If you have fallen behind on your Baltimore Gas and Electric Company electricity payments, their collections department may be familiar with you.

In addition to contacting you, the corporation will add a collections summary to your belief narrative, which may perhaps lower your do for years.

As previously stated, BGE Collections is a subsidiary of Baltimore Gas and Electric, the state’s major gas, and electric supplier.

If you fall behind in your gas and electric bills, you will begin to hear from them. These two companies are the same. However, your credit record may show them as “BGE Collections.”

Several collection agencies and authorities use a variety of obnoxious levies to force you to pay them first. They don’t want you to realize that many of these practices are illegal under federal law.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was created in the 1970s to discourage debt collectors from acting like ordinary thugs while demanding money from a consumer. 

If you don’t feel at ease interacting with BGE Collections on your own, a few firms may assist you. Credit repair businesses are industry specialists that serve as a go-between for clients and debt collectors. 

They collaborate with the agency to have the account removed from your credit record, and they can even negotiate cheaper payments. Look no further than Lexington Law for a reliable credit specialist to deal with. They have years of expertise working with firms like BGE Collections and can help you avoid going to court.

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