Auto Loans For Bad Credit

Best 7 Auto Loans For Bad Credit

People with a low credit score still get the options for auto loans. You can get auto loans for bad credit from several banks, online lenders, dealerships, and credit unions. Generally, you pay a higher APR on these loans. But never settle for the first offer you come across. It’s always a good choice to have multiple options and then compare them to make a better choice. 

The blog will discuss 7 reliable bad credit car loan providers and briefly talk about getting auto loans approved for bad credit. We’ve acquired reviews from lenders who offer the best auto loan rates for blog purposes.

  • You don’t need a minimum credit score to get a car loan approved.
  • There are a variety of sources to get bad credit car loans.
  • Compare all your options and work on raising your credit score to find the best rates possible.

7 Best Car Loans for Bad Credit

We are discussing the seven reputable institutes that offer bad credit car loans. A few of them require the least FICO credit score, while some do not. Whether there is a credit score requirement, most organizations require you to show a certain amount of yearly income. And also, provide supporting documentation to process your application smoothly. is an expert on auto loans for bad credit. It is an online lending marketplace. It was established in 2003, a very long time for an online company to work. You need a 575 FICO score and a $21,000 annual income to qualify for a new car loan. The following attributes make a good option; 

  • Fast Service: You can get up to four customized offers in a few minutes. 
  • Shopping Tools: The Company’s website provides a current chart of the lowest APR for each category, an APR estimator, and a payment calculator to have a better perspective of your financial obligations. 
  • High Ratings: It has a higher customer rating of 4.3 stars and has 700 reviews on Trustpilot. It sets it apart from different small-scale online loan provider companies. 

Capital One Auto Finance

Capital One doesn’t have a high credit score required, while some banks do for auto financing. Capital One Auto Finance has no requirement for a minimum score at all. Instead, it only requires you to be 18 years of age and should be earning at least $18,000 – $21,600 annually, depending on your credit score. The following are some highlights of auto loans for bad credit via Capital One;

Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express is an online lending marketplace specializing in auto loans for bad credit. It was founded in 19999 and has helped millions of customers since then. The company doesn’t require a credit score for you to secure a loan with them. However, the loan amounts may vary from $5,000 to $45,000. Listing a few highlights of the company;

  • Customer service: The Company has a 4.7 stars rating on Trustpilot and has an A+ rating from the BBB – Better Business Bureau, with accreditation. 
  • Best Option After Bankruptcy: They have specialized in providing loans after bankruptcy. You will also find some companies that provide options during bankruptcy as well. 
  • Resource Center: It also provides several resources for customers that include credit reports information, auto insurance, and refinancing, with a loan estimator and payment calculator. 


A car loan via Clearlane is a good fit if you want to refinance an auto loan or buy the car you want to lease and apply. However, Clearlane offers only two types of auto loans for bad credit, 

  • Loan refinancing.
  • Lease buyouts.

You cannot buy a new or used car with the lender if you apply for an auto loan for bad credit with Clearlane. To qualify for a new car loan, you need a 580 FICO score and $21,600 annual income with Clearlane.


Carvana is best suited for the no-haggle shopper, people who are ready to buy and finance a car completely online. It also offers cash offers to sellers who are selling used-car. Carvana doesn’t require a credit score and $10,000 annual income for you to secure a loan with them.


Vroom is a used car dealership that operates online that helps customers to pre-qualify for auto loans on the vehicles it sells. Buyers can select a car from Vroom’s inventory, arrange finances, and complete the online process. It has partnered up with well-known banks to provide the best financing for the used cars it sells online.

There are no requirements for a minimum credit score to qualify for a new car loan with Vroom, but you must have a $21,600 annual income to get the loan approved. 

Credit Acceptance Corp 

The company deals with auto loan finances and other related financial products. The company’s operations are based on a financial program via a national network of dealer-partners. Credit Acceptance Corp operates two different programs; 

  • The Portfolio Program.
  • The Purchase Program.

Credit Acceptance Corp also doesn’t require a minimum credit score. However, the dealer determines the amount of the loan; that is why they haven’t specified the amount of annual income. 

How to Get Auto Loan For Bad Credit Approved?

The following ways will help you improve the chances of finding the best auto loans for bad credit and the best-suited terms and conditions for you.

Purchase With A Private Seller: You avoid the hefty car dealership markup when you buy from a private seller. 

Pay In Cash, Not With Financing: You can get a good amount of money by purchasing a low-cost vehicle on cash and wait to buy a bigger car until you have good credit. 

Taking Out A Personal Loan: It is easier to qualify for a personal loan depending on your credit score, but being aware of APR can be higher. 

Have A Cosigner: Take your family members or close friends with you for cosigning on your loan. This way, the creditor will consider their credit score and income to secure a lower interest rate. 

Have Multiple Offers: Different creditors will offer you different interest rates and terms & conditions, so it pays to get pre-approval from different financial institutions. However, you must avoid a full loan application that comes with a hard credit check until you ensure the acceptance of the terms & conditions.

The Bottom Line- Conclusion

Buying a car with an auto loan for bad credit can ask you to do some work and pay a relatively higher interest rate. To find the correct financing for a car loan with bad credit, you must compare multiple creditors and read the terms and conditions of each loan provider. You can avoid higher interest rates by working on improving your credit scores to repair your finances before you can buy a car. Choose the suitable, reliable, and affordable auto loan for bad credit and purchase your dream car once you’re ready.

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